Canberra City Evening Rostrum Club

Founded 2003 from the former Club 4 and Foundation Club

ACT Rostrum Club of the Year 1977-78, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 2001 - as Club 4 1965-66, 1966-67, 1969-70, 1988, 1997, 2000 as Foundation Club, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2018 as CCERC

Welcome to our Website. It provides information for members and those who may wish to join. We meet every other Wednesday at 18:30 (6:30 pm). The meeting dates are set out below. We meet to develop Communications skills, debate hot issues, hear a different point of view and enjoy a social outing.

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Meeting dates

Meeting dates 2021

January 13 27 February 10 24 March 10 24 April 7 21 May 5 19 June 2 16 30 July 14 28 August 11 25 September 8 22 October 6 20 November 3 17 December 1

Contacts: Terry Giesecke 6254 2896

0408 116 085


Meetings are held at the Canberra Club Blackall Street Barton ACT at 18:30. Please do not attend if you have flu like symptons, meeting is also available through Internet. (Contact us if you wish to participate in this way.)

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Due to the ACT Lockdown this will only be available through Zoom, please contact me for details if you need to.

October 20

Topic: Binge Television

CCERC members November 2020

Some Topics to be discussed in 2021

  • Annus horribilis
  • Donít mention the war
  • Press freedom
  • Much ado about nothing
  • The future of transport
  • As well it is hoped that the debating competition will resume in 2021

    Warren Buffet - on the benefit of public speaking skills

    On Communication Skills: Buffett reveals that up until the age of twenty had an acute fear of public speaking. Just the thought of it would make him physically ill. This all changed when Buffett forced himself to take a Dale Carnegie public-speaking course. He discloses, "That $100 course gave me the most important degree I have... In graduate school you learn all this complicated stuff, but what's really essential, no matter what you do, is being able to get others to follow your ideas. Good communication skills are incredibly important and something that almost anybody can improve upon, both in writing and speaking. A relatively modest improvement can make a major difference in your future earning power, as well as in many other aspects of your life."

    Rostrum resources

    A guide to Debating-Warwick Everson Click here to read

    About! The Rostrum story

    Australian Rostrum has been in involved in the development of public speaking and other related skills since 1930. Is is active in all states and territories. CCERC is part of the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) Dais. Rostrum was established in the ACT in 1953.

    Canberra City Evening Rostrum Club was founded in 2003 and was formed out of a merger of long established Club 4 and Foundation Club both of which were established in the mid Twentieth Century.

    Rostrum is committed to developing speaking, communications and speaking skills in a supportive non-threatening environment.

    It is also committed to free speech in the Community and the need to speak up when necessary.


    Vale Barrie Smillie

    Barrie Smillie, who passed away on 28 February, was a stalwart of this club in its earlier years as club 4, he also attended some meetings when it became CCERC.
    He was also active in the wider Rostrum movement. He first joined Rostrum in NSW and got involved in the ACT when he moved here in the sixties.
    He was awarded speaker of the year twice - 1985 and 1989. Also he became a Freeman in 1984.
    One of CCERC's trophies is named the Barrie Smillie award for most improved speaker.

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